Hugh Jass Pineapple Quil Along Schedule:

Week 1 -6/27 – Material requirements & Schedule

Week 2 – 7/11 – Body of the pineapple (foundation paper piecing OR traditional piecing options)

Week 3 – 7/25 – Pineapple leaves (half-square triangles)

Week 4- 8/8 – Background & Piecing the quilt top together

Week 5 – 8/15 – Finished quilt top link-up and Giveaway!

Hi, and welcome to Week 4 – Background & piecing the quilt top together.


All that’s left to do is our background now. We’re in the home stretch! So, for the background you’ll need to cut:


36 – 8.5X8.5 of background fabric OR you could cut 18  – 16″X16″ squares. It’s really up to you and your preferences here. It will yield the same size quilt (56X72)



For my Hugh Jass pineapple I am using 18 – 16″X8″ blocks for the background. So, my quilt is going to be slightly smaller. *Sorry for the blurry indoor pics.* First, take the blocks and sew up sections of 4 (or three in my case on the background portions).



Then, take the 4 block sections next to each other and sew those units together. As shown above.



Then, you’ll sew the last units to the right of each other together. This creates the rows above.



Then, take the bottom few rows and sew them together. Take the top couple rows and sew them together. Lastly, you’ll have two halves of the quilt to sew together.




And there you have your Hugh Jass Pineapple quilt top. Phew! That was fun!  For Week 5 – I’ll have a link up where you can enter to win……………….:



This big ol’ pile of pineapple goodness.


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Love wins rainbow


I designed this foundation paper pieced block with Angela @bunnysdesigns for the Sewmamasew #lovewinsquilt. Here is the free pattern Love wins 12 inch  and Love Wins Assembly Instructions. FYI: these blocks make for excellent scrap busters. 😉

If you sew a one up, please tag me on Instgram and the pic #WTBlovewins

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Edited 6/15/16: Added a Love wins 10 inch block for #quiltsforpulse








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Pineapple quilt dates


Welcome to Week 3 – 7/25 – Pineapple leaves (half-square triangles)



4 – 9.5″9.5″ dark green squares

2 – 9.5″9.5″ light green squares

2 – 9.5″9.5″ blue squares


Step 1 leaves


Step 1: We’re sewing up two half square triangles at a time. Place your squares right sides together.

You’ll pair the squares up like so:

Dark green +light green

Dark green + light green

Dark green + blue

Dark green + blue


Step 1.1 leaves

Mark each set with a line on the diagonal.

Step 2 leaves

Step 2: sew down each side of the line with a 1/4″ seam allowance.

Step 3leaves

Step 3: Once sewn on both sides of the line, cut on the line.

Step 4leaves

Step 4: press blocks open and trim. I trim the tiniest bit off the first side.

Step 4 .1leaves

Then, I flip it and trim the block down to 8.5″X8.5″


Step 5 leaves

There ya go, 2 of the 8 blocks you need for the leaves are done!



Hey! It’s staring to look like a pineapple! *sorry for the terrible indoor pic, there wasn’t much light on this day*


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