9 comments on “Birthday Bash Swap March 2014

  1. Oooh clever use of paper! I think I’ve seen something like that using tissue paper? Hm. I haven’t mailed off my present yet…wish I had some little treasures to send along like you!

  2. Another impressive pouch. I love how you take on new things like it’s no big deal. Julie will get so much use out of this!
    Clever using that newsprint too!

  3. This turned out so awesome Amanda!! I absolutely love that Melody Miller cheater print!! I’ve still yet to give vinyl a try but that’s a great tip for sewing it with the paper over it, i’ll be doing that when i’m ready to give it a go! I just need to install a zip to Julie’s gift from me and then it will be on its way! I guess i should think about posting about my likes and dislikes eh?

  4. These bags looks awesome and very clever use of paper!! I just had my first encounter with snaps earlier this week. I ended up getting the heavy duty snaps which are overkill for the pouches and bags but the pliers for that one actually works. The other one kept on bending the snaps and I really didn’t want to get into adding snaps by hammering.

  5. What a great idea! Is this swap something you guys thought up? Or something ya’ll joined and were put into a group together? Would love to participate in something like this. But I guess I would need to know more online sewing/quilting friends, huh? Either way, I love celebrating birthdays. So what a fun way to do it!

    Also, genius idea with the paper! Both bags turned out awesome.

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