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  1. I love your quilt, not boring at all. Fresh and minimalist and crisp, these are adjectives I would use. You have taken the map symbol and given it some texture and quilting patterns too. I too struggle with the idea of making art quilts, so I mostly just improv something fun and leave it at that. I also like your quilting, it emphasizes the crispness of the design, adding to it a lot without stealing the show.

  2. Amanda, you are being much too hard on yourself. This little mini is great. Seriously, I would never thing to make such tiny blocks in such a bold graphic. I know one of my quilts from the last round I was pretty disappointed with, but now, a few months later, I don’t hate it so much. 🙂 So glad you decided to join the group. And its all about the challenge and hopefully growing in our craft.

  3. This is definitely not a boring quilt! I actually think it is very ‘artsy’, if you ask me.I admit to being confused as to how the Maps theme worked into it until I read your post. Now, I understand and think that the mystery of it gives even more “artsy-ness” to it! Wonderful job!

  4. I love this little art quilt–no more denigrating yourself! I think the first time I went at this art challenge, I felt the same way and I know others have too, but it’s been good to propel me into new ways of thinking, as you say.

    I think your use of a bold, graphic symbol was a perfect way to interpret an aspect of maps. I love the not only did you use the shape of that symbol in your quilt, but that you also subdivided the symbol into further shapes through your itty-bitty paper piecing, drawing our thoughts and the eye deeper into the idea of bridges. I also love the use of black and white–a lovely bold punch and use of color.

    I’d say your first foray was a great success! Can’t wait to see what’s next!

    Elizabeth E.

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  6. I really love the angle you took for your first art quilt. Maps are so much fun to look at and I’ve always liked deciphering the little symbols. Your first art quilt was very successful in my opinion and your attitude about tackling some new skill with each new quilt is a great idea. I hope I can do the same. Well done.

  7. Your quilt is great. It is not boring. My eyes are drawn to all the directions that the tiny blocks are pointing, moving, etc. The echo quilting brings continuity to the piece. Paper piecing is not boring, especially if you have to draw the patterns yourself and fit them together. Also, your little quilt and its blocks are reflected in the last photo on your blog with the quilt hanging on the bridge. It really is a representation of the bridge symbol from the map key.

  8. Your quilt isn’t boring in the least – it’s rather stunning. And I love that you took it out for the photo-op! I’m with you – it was always fun to understand the legend (still is actually). Now that you have one of these under your belt, the next will be much less daunting, trust me! And the good news is that there is never a right or wrong – just what you see and how you feel about your interpretation. Great job!

  9. I love reading maps, and I refuse to use GPS for road trips. A map and a compass are staple equipments in my travel bag. So you can imagine how excited I got about this post of yours. It looks amazing, Amanda!! So creative!! I LOVE this one!


  10. You’re crazy… this is fantastic! Bold and minimal, but certainly not boring!
    And i was exactly the same when i was younger, always looking for all the little symbols in the key! Can’t wait to what else you come up with!

    And what?!! No cowboy boots and hat?!… says the Canadian girl that doesn’t wear a toque or live in an igloo 😉

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