Pineapple quilt dates


Welcome to Week 3 – 7/25 – Pineapple leaves (half-square triangles)



4 – 9.5″9.5″ dark green squares

2 – 9.5″9.5″ light green squares

2 – 9.5″9.5″ blue squares


Step 1 leaves


Step 1: We’re sewing up two half square triangles at a time. Place your squares right sides together.

You’ll pair the squares up like so:

Dark green +light green

Dark green + light green

Dark green + blue

Dark green + blue


Step 1.1 leaves

Mark each set with a line on the diagonal.

Step 2 leaves

Step 2: sew down each side of the line with a 1/4″ seam allowance.

Step 3leaves

Step 3: Once sewn on both sides of the line, cut on the line.

Step 4leaves

Step 4: press blocks open and trim. I trim the tiniest bit off the first side.

Step 4 .1leaves

Then, I flip it and trim the block down to 8.5″X8.5″


Step 5 leaves

There ya go, 2 of the 8 blocks you need for the leaves are done!



Hey! It’s staring to look like a pineapple! *sorry for the terrible indoor pic, there wasn’t much light on this day*


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Zippy Notebook Cover pt 2

Welcome to part 2 of the Zippy Notebook Cover Tutorial!


Step 11: Sew the two zip pouch linings together right sides facing on the bottom only. Note: I trimmed mine because it became a little wonky.
Step 11  Zippy Notebook Cover

Step 12: Now, take the interior fabric pieces. Start with the pockets.

Step 11.1  Zippy Notebook Cover

Sew a rolled hem. Fold the fabric under 1/8″ and then again another 1/8″ to create a finished edge for the top of the pocket.

Step 11.2  Zippy Notebook Cover

Looks good.

Step 12  Zippy Notebook Cover

Step 13: Clip the pockets to the sleeve pieces.

Step 12.1  Zippy Notebook Cover

You’re going to sew another rolled hem down the pocket/sleeve sides with the clips on them.

Step 13  Zippy Notebook Cover


Step 14: I like to tack down the sleeves (with the pockets on them) to the lining fabric with an 1/8″ seam allowance. This way they won’t budge when sewing the cover together. These stitches will be in the seam allowance to no need to remove them later.

Step 13.1  Zippy Notebook Cover

Then, take a second to tack down the elastic with a few stiches. Place the elastic 1.5″-2″ away from the left hand side.

Step 15  Zippy Notebook Cover

Step 15: Lay the exterior piece on top of the interior lining piece, right sides together. The zipper part will be directly over the elastic part of the lining. Sew around all the sides, using 1/4″ -3/8th” seam allowance. Note: except for the 4″ portion at the top (marked with a pin in the pic above). You’ll need that opening for turning it right sides out.

Step 15.2  Zippy Notebook Cover

Trim edges to 1/4″ all the way around. Also, clip your corners.

Step 15.1  Zippy Notebook Cover

Turn the cover right sides out. This is that moment you ask yourself what have I done!? I forgot to open the zipper!? Luckily, the zipper can be closed for this project. :)

Step 16  Zippy Notebook Cover

Step 16: Push out the corners. Press the cover flat. Pin/clip the opening closed.

Step 16.1  Zippy Notebook Cover

Sew the opening closed 1/8″ away from the edge. I sew the same area on the bottom as well, for symmetry.

Step done  Zippy Notebook Cover

At last! Put a notebook in your cover. Yay! You’re done!!

Step done1  Zippy Notebook Cover

Load up the interior pockets.

Step done2  Zippy Notebook Cover

Step done3  Zippy Notebook Cover


Beware! These guys tend to multiply! I know what I’m making for back-to-school gifts…maybe even teacher gifts.


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