At the sew-in last weekend I knocked out one whole block. Go me! haha




Here is the Alamo Star block from the Texas road trip QAL.




The final quadrant is coming together. I can’t wait to see the whole state of Texas! ;)


What have you been working on?

wtb orange


July To-Do

  • Plucky – Quilting in progress!
  • Sew Kitschy May, June, & July
  • Stash Bee July Done
  • Deep in the heart of Texas QAL Quadrant 4
  • Four-in-art – Contrasts 8/1 Done
  • College days blog hop post 7/24
  • Birthday Bash Swap – Renee Aug

Future projects 2014

  • Grouchy kitty
  • McCall’s M6560 *try a dress next time
  • Dress for ME Simplicity 1800
  • KF Shot cottons Diamonds
  • Studio Cherie travel duffle
  • M quilt with LV swap FQs & charms
  • Michele Patterns Messenger bag
  • Pearl bracelet charm beach bag or app quilt
  • Day in the park bag
  • Jean bag
  • Fabric flower belt
  • High low tank
  • Bike basket for my girl
  • Socialite dress
  • Julia top
  • Stripe quilt from charm swap
  • sew machine cover
  • skirting the issue skirt
  • Rainbow stardust
  • Busy hands bag
  • Lindsay tote bag * cut out the pieces
  • Fussy square quilt *need many many many more blocks
  • Nova nesting bowls
  • Christmas stocking for whole fam (4)
  • Gnome
  • Bird Blocks
  • Fix pink crochet blanket Grandma B made
  • Commissionaire Bag
  • QAYG herringbone quilt
  • Sweet nothings-Sugar Plum Kimno
  • Sweet nothings-Sleep tank
  • Sweet nothings-Sleep shorts
  • Liberty Love-Marcel Medallion Quilt
  • Liberty Love-Queen bee tote
  • Liberty Love-Lulu tunic
  • Playful PP-Little house in the woods
  • Playful PP-Kite tote
  • Playful PP-Umbrella
  • Modern app-Flame quilt
  • Modern app Circle applique
  • Modern app Trees applique
  • Victory – Ava
  • Kitschy Coo – Lady Skater
  • Dixie DIY – Summer Concert Tee
  • Sew Sweetness – Accordion Bag
  • Modern One block-Crisscross
  • Modern One block-Wiggling (rainbow)
  • Modern One block-Mellow
  • HR Prints – Summer nightgown
  • HR Prints – Stationary
  • Hello, Spring QDAD
  • Melon Burst – QDAD
  • OYW – wall pocket
  • OYW – Summer nightie
  • OYW – Grocery Tote
  • OYW – Mitered square blanket
  • Weekend sewing – drawstring travel bags
  • Weekend sewing – Pillow case *mermaid fabric
  • Weekend sewing – PJs
  • Weekend sewing – Summer blouse
  • Weekend sewing – Trapeze dress
  • Weekend sewing – Kimno dress and obi belt
  • Sew everything – cuddle up cardigan
  • Sew everything – Flouncy tank top
  • FBF – Organized wallet
  • FBF – Hanging book display
  • FBF – Bike panniers
  • FBF – last minute tunic
  • PPP1 Lady skater
  • PPP1 Concert tee
  • PPP1Dandelion dress/top
  • PP1 Victory Ava dress/top
  • PPP1 Accordian bag
  • PPP3 Bombshell swimsuit
  • PPP3 Jorna tank dress
  • PPP3 Staple dress
  • PPP3Poppy Tunic
  • PPP3 Water bottle tote
  • PPP3 Prefontaine shorts

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*Note: this was going to be my round 2 entry for Sewvior, but I didn’t make it*


I gave a sneaky peek of my new project on Instagram a while back.

bowled 5

I had this shell-like design kickin’ around in my head. So, I went for it in pillow form. Har har. I know “chevron shell” sounds like I’m mixing up gas stations. It’s kinda funny to me anyway.




Cut some strips of fabric. For these tutorial photos I used qty of 10 1.5″X WOF (width of fabric) strips. Sew them together and use a OmniArc 8-Inch-by-8-Inch Non-Slip Circle Cutter (*affiliate link)to cut out your wedges. This size wedge yields a 8.5″X8.5″ block.




Make sure to cut even numbers of mirrored pairs of wedges. Just flip the ruler around as shown above.



You’ll need the mirror cut wedges in order to create the chevron-like pattern on the shells.




Now, you’ll need to cut out some background fabric squares. I like to cut mine a little larger than needed so I can trim to size. Less stress, people! :) I used 9″X9″ squares. Once again, you’ll use the OmniArc ruler to cut out a wedge. This time, we don’t want the wedge though.




Now, you’ll want to pin the heck out of this sucker. You could also glue baste. I’m a newbie to glue basting so I’ll leave that tutorial to someone wiser. Pins work though!




Here’s the front of the pillow I created using this technique but smaller blocks. I love concentric circle quilting…still! I thought it played really well with the shapes of the chevron shell blocks. I had some minty pom-poms on hand. I just couldn’t help myself.


Metallic print on the back. Love.


wtb orange

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